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About STES

STES Inc. was created with a request to solve a problem.  A major cosmetic company realized that inventory was shrinking significantly. Perfume and other high priced items simply disappeared from the warehouse.  Over and over again.   After serious thought, a shrink band system was devised and used with major success.  Inventory shrinkage was eliminated, which in turn eliminated the need for multiple inventory checks.  Thus labor and material costs were reduced. Not only were there huge savings in operational costs, but they had stopped putting temptation in front of their employees, making everyone happy.
         This led the founder of STES, Edward Arlin, to patent his Shrink Band System, to seek out investors, and to expand the loss prevention ideas to offer further tamper evident products and solutions for other areas of pilferage or theft, counterfeiting or the compromising of confidential documents.  Any company that packages and ships, whether using their own trucks or a common carrier, experiences problems with pilferage.  Theft from U.S. companies by employees adds up to a staggering cost.  STES has the necessary contacts and ideas for creative and effective solutions.

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