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Counterfeiting and diversion (unauthorized use) of legitimate goods are major concerns for business.  Questions may arise in the pharmaceutical industry on a given product from an established company, when the product is in actuality not theirs.  Third World countries may actually have economic incentives to copy legitimate products.   This causes legal and product quality problems.

Legal documentation, too, is easily forged with the new desk-top publishing technologies.  STES has licensed agreements to use unique color technology for identification purposes.  This technology uses invisible marking compounds that can be detected electronically or through visible means.  Compatible with all printing inks, these marking compounds are very difficult to counterfeit.  They cannot be detected without proper equipment.  Able to bond to paper, plastic, glass, and textiles, they can also be printed (e.g., as bar-codes).


Let STES work with you to solve your counterfeiting problems.

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