When packaging high value products for secure transport, be certain to choose a closure and theft prevention system that can identify shipping pilferage to everyone handling the parcel through the transportation system.


Secure T.R.A.C(tm)


  • When SECURE T.R.A.C™ is used as the containers' theft deterrent system, on cartons, over shrinkwrap, on fiber drums or crates, it provides tamper indication if peeled or if attempts are made to remove it. It cannot be resealed with clear tape after razor cutting.  Once attacked, the security tape, a tamper indicating device, responds by displaying the word "opened" indelibly on the carton and on the tape, making replacement impossible.

  •  SECURE T.R.A.C™  can be used on stretch or shrink wrap film in the same manner to protect the entire pallet from transportation theft or pilferage.  Typically provided with sequential numbers every 9 inches, the visible face graphic can be generic as shown or it can be printed indigenous to your company.  

  • Clients can modify widths, lengths, colors and features.   Application can be with hand tape guns or automated tape dispensers.

Secure T.R.A.C(tm)


  • "Mysterious disappearances" is an exclusion on all insurance policies. Our proprietary manufacturing process lets our SECURE T.R.A.C™ tamper indicating tape leave tell-tale messages if the package was opened in transit.  If your valuable cargo or package arrives with the word "Opened" on it, just refuse to take delivery from the transportation carrier.

Secure T.R.A.C(tm)


  • Even more protection is provided by the tamper evident tape's special coating which prevents the package from being re-taped.  SECURE T.R.A.C™ is also available in label (linered) form.   These label/tape seals facilitate protection against opening of luggage, computers, personal property, gun and liquor cabinets and most any product that requires some level of closure security. 

  • Contact us to find out more or to get samples.

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