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There is an enormous potential for loss during the transportation of goods.  Profits disappear along with the goods: 

  • from the production line,

  • from the warehouse,

  • from the truck,

  • from the customer. 

Who is to say at what point the problem occurred?  And how do you stop it from happening at all?   

Tapes, labels, and shrink bands must be capable of resisting the most common measures thieves use to defeat them.  We have the patented solutions for you.

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    Document or pouch security: SuperSeal™ Labels

    Carton security: Shrink Band SystemSecureTrac™ Tape

    Pallet security:   ToppClip™

    Air pallet security: Ask for details

    Tractor trailer security: Ask for details

We offer a flexibility in materials and specifications that is uncommon in today's highly specialized market place.

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