Inventory loss?   Pilferage?
Are profits disappearing...
from your production line?    ..from your warehouse?
..from your trucker?             ..from your customer?

has developed a tamper-evident method of packaging that reduces in-house theft.   By using our Patented Shrink Band system which easily adapts to your production line, you can simply and effectively solve your pilferage problem.

Our Patented Shrink Band System

Our unique, patented packaging system
will help you to reduce pilferage and pinpoint where the problem occurs.

  • Specially designed band system is very difficult to remove without breaking.

  • Replacement bands cannot be applied without a heat gun or heat tunnel.

  • Printing and/or color coding make status of packages visible at a glance, perfect for the needs of a large warehouse or truck.

  • In many cases, bands can replace the use of tape.

Our Patented Shrink Bands make a highly visible
theft deterrent, while providing an
attractive yet inexpensive marketing
advantage, in a single tamper-evident package.

Let us work with you to ensure greater
security and profit.

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