Cut and Resealed Feature

  • The patented SUPERSEAL™ is designed to be a secondary closure system.  It is primarily used for closing courier boxes as a security solution for protecting jewelry, electronics, documents, or other targeted freight.

  • SUPERSEAL™ validates that the container is the original one shipped while it protects its contents by its security features.  The protection is accomplished by revealing a hidden message if the tape is disturbed.  If peeled the feature is immediate;  if cut and resealed the word "opened" appears in one hour. 


"Peeled" Feature

  • SUPERSEAL identifies pilferage by anyone handling the parcel.  The more eyes on the seal, the more secure the cargo. When packages are received, an inspection is done quickly by a visual check of the seal, for its presence and its integrity.

  • SUPERSEAL™ may contain your corporate graphics, logo, special instructions or information.   It can be sequentially numbered for added control, making it an excellent audit trail for your packages.

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