Transportation Theft Prevention Devices

  • Pallet Security Locks

  • ToppClip Banding Securement Locks

  • Palletized Cargo Security Devices


  • A simple mechanism to protect your pallets from pilferage, the ToppClip™
    secures the two opposing bands on the outside of the pallet so
    they cannot be moved or flipped.  It then is impossible to gain access to
    the cartons on the pallets, or replace the bands, without recognition.  

  • The ToppClip™ is secured with conventional crimping and tensioning tools.
    A special hole punch is available to allow the addition of a wire seal into
    the center of the seal, further enhancing the utility of the ToppClip.

  • The RotoSeal™ and ToppClip™ devices are numbered for verification
    and inspection purposes.

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