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            THE PROBLEM:

Loss occurs in the warehouse due to...

  • Employee theft.  Small quantities are removed - say, one or two bottles out of a box of twelve - and the box is resealed.  The customer complains that the shipment is short, but the bill of lading was signed with no notation of a problem.  Insurance will not cover this.
  • Warehouse to warehouse movement and theft.  Small quantities disappear from a carton, or a carton disappears from a pallet.  Or possibly the cartons are all on the pallet and yes, the pallet is wrapped in shrinkwrap -- but one carton is empty.                                                  

This causes...  Multiple counts are needed, and cartons must be re-opened, to determine what is missing.  Inventory inaccuracy causes delays, additional paper work, labor, materials to replace what was lost, and re-shipping costs.   Furthermore, inventory planning must take into account the greater minimums needed, in order to refill "lost" items, with the added expense of carrying this extra inventory.  Production demand becomes uncertain.

          THE SOLUTION:

Create... a barrier that is very difficult for any thief to overcome without leaving readily visible evidence of his work. 

STES Inc. has a patented tamper evident system aimed specifically at warehouse problems.  The development of this system was in fact the driving force that created STES.

STES has designed the Shrink Band System which, applied to corrugated warehouse cartons, is just such a barrier.    Designed to reduce theft, it is highly visible and unusual in its securing of the package.  Standard tapes are too easily removed and replaced, leaving a package without readily visible evidence of tampering.  On the other hand, removing the STES Shrink Band is very difficult to do without breaking it.  And in order to re-apply it, one needs to have both the unique band plus a shrink tunnel or heat gun, neither being items normally available in a warehouse.  Thus any attempt at tampering becomes immediately evident.

   Statistics indicate a great deal of theft is deterred when more than 20 seconds are required.  Having the Shrink Band System in place acts in a manner similar to having "The Club" in your automobile.  Its effectiveness in deterring theft allows large operations to run more efficiently at far less cost.

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